Natural Kindness’ Final Project Proposal!

Natural Kindness is so proud to finally present our project proposal. Thank you all for making this happen. Get Excited because here is the proposal:

Engaging and Empowering Rural Schools in Sri Lanka.

Historically, Sri Lanka has performed well on most indicators of progress towards education in south Asia. Sri Lanka is a country where the education is free from kinder garden to universities.

Enrolment in some form of pre-school provision is high, enrolment in primary education near-universal and completion of nine years of compulsory, basic education is around 90%. At the same time, achievement levels are low, with disparities between provinces, type of school attended, location, the medium of instruction and gender.

Lack of funding towards education, especially rural education is common, whatever funds been allocated will go to town or urban level schools, but very minimum funds reach the rural schools.

Not only education due to lack of funds most of the schools have issues in sourcing drinking water this leads to a health issue. Further not having enough washrooms and toilets… etc.

Helping the schools to overcome the above issues will have a significant impact.

For the project, we have selected the northwestern province and the north-central provinces of the country. The education indicators are lower compared to the average standards of the country.

I am closely working with a village by the name of Warawewa,  farming village, this village is situated in the boundary of the province, due to its geographical position, it does not attract political significant as well as the government offices.

This village has its boundaries with the Tabowa and Wilpattu nation parks and are a victim to human-elephant conflicts as well.

We aim to identify a need which can be solved by one million Sri Lankan rupees, and we must make an impact out of our contribution. I have Identified two schools for the project

·        Warawewa School

·        Kottukacciya School

Both Schools belongs to the North Western Province, both principals are delighted and they appreciate the efforts of Kylie.