What is Natural Kindness?

Natural Kindness is a nonprofit organization that is structured on collecting recyclables for proceeds. The proceeds collected will be going towards building a school in Sri Lanka, a third world country, where many younger children do not have the chance to go to school. You can help our goal by donating to our cause!

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Are wondering how YOU can help out Natural Kindness? Whether you are in our local community or across the world, there are many ways that you help Natural Kindness achieve our goal! Get started today!

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To learn more about our organization, feel free to read out blog posts! Our blog posts give you personal insight to what we have been accomplishing over the course of the year. Check our posts for more information.

About the CEO

Hi Every One !

My name is Kylie De Croos, and I am a current junior living in the sunny state of California. I have always been passionate about helping children in need, as I am fortunate enough to be living in such an amazing state today!

With thorough thought and consideration, I have started a nonprofit organization called Natural Kindness! Natural Kindness is a non-profit organization structured to help provide for kids in need in third-world countries. This organization was primarily inspired by my two parents who both came from third-world countries and have had an extremely hard life growing up, but I also have my own experience that I would like to share. A few years back, at the age of 12, I had the incredible opportunity to visit my parents’ birth place of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries you could ever visit, but it is definitely a country that is in poverty. One day on our vacation trip, my dad decided to take us on a river ride down in a smaller village that he knew of. Of course, my young self had no expectations and thought the best of this boat ride. Little did I know, this one experience would change my life, and open my eyes up to something bigger I could have never imagined. Mind you, I had never had any experience with being or witnessing people in poverty, as I had such a privileged life growing up.

My life was handed to me on a silver platter. As I went down this river, I saw a numerous amount of families living in terrible conditions. There were people drinking water and bathing in this unsanitary water. They lived in homes that barely kept a roof over their heads. The insufferable and gruesome environment that these villagers lived in shocked me and left me in complete awe. The worst part of all, these children did not have the opportunity to attend school and receive an education, as they had to work to help support and sustain their families and make a slight earning. After seeing this, I realized that I needed to help in any way that I possibly could. So many kids around the world do not have the same privileges that we have here living in America. With that in mind, helping those kids in any way possible seems like an amazing thing to do.

That is how Natural Kindness came to action. Our goal in this non-profit organization is to raise money by doing various events every month. Whether it’s hosting a talent show, or something as simple as creating a lemonade stand, the objective at the end of the day is to donate the money raised to kids in need all over the world. Natural Kindness will also have a bottle drive, where we collect plastic bottles and cans for money. We ask kind souls to donate recyclables of any sort, and we trade them in for proceeds that go to such a beautiful cause. We hope to put this plan into action so we can impact kids’ daily lives all over the world!

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Hikes for Happiness

Hey Guys! 

I am so excited to introduce to you our new event:


Our HIKE-A-THON is a method of fundraising that we will be implementing into Natural Kindness! 


HIKES FOR HAPPINESS is where the Natural Kindness team will be hiking for donations! We will be doing several hikes all across California in hopes of donations for motivation! We will be doing a total of 10 hikes in the span of a few months. we hope to reach a goal of $2,000 from these hikes, so please donate! Every donation counts to reach our anticipated goal. if our goal is reached, we will finally be able to visit Sri Lanka at the end of this year to start building our school for the children of this country (due to COVID-19, we will have to make adjustments accordingly). Keep an eye out for our blog and social media posts! 

Thanks a million, 


Our Ten Hikes: 

  1.  Mountain House Trail – Mountain House, CA
  2. Palos Colorados Trail – Oakland, CA
  3. Brushy Peak Regional Preserve – Livermore, CA
  4. Mori Point – Pacifica, CA
  5.  Mount Diablo State – Walnut Creek, CA
  6. Elephant Rock Trail – Alamo, CA
  7. Inspiration Point Trail – San Jose, CA
  8. Batteries to Bluffs Trail – San Francisco, CA
  9. Lands End Lookout Trail – San Francisco, CA
  10. Mission Peak Trail – Fremont, CA

Our Goal

If enough money is raised by the end of the year, my dad and I will be traveling Sri Lanka (a third world country) to help less fortunate children to help donate money and put smiles on children’s faces! Our overall goal is to reach 5,000 by the end of 2020, so we can start our journey! Children in Sri Lanka We are proud to announce that we will be building a school for children that do not have the opportunity to attend school and receive an education. We will receive these proceeds by multiple events we will be administering throughout the year, donations, but our main source of funding will be through the collection of recyclables from kind souls who choose to donate around our community!

How can you get involved?

Well, if you are in the Mountain House Community, collecting and donating your bottles and cans to us would be amazing! Visit the contact section to get in touch with us so you can start recycling! If you are not able to donate recyclables, it would be tremendously appreciated if you could leave a donation for us. Every amount counts and is valued. If you are not able to donate at the moment, feel free to follow us on our journey by checking out our blog posts and staying up to date with our content!

Thank you all so much!

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Blog Posts

A special note…

A special note…

I’m am so blessed to receive this message from the principal of the Duwa Junior School. I’m on cloud 9 right now. This project was such a success, but I could not have done it without the help of my wonderful parents, our supportive community, and my amazing team. I...

My next project…

My next project…

There is nothing that brings me more joy than knowing I have made a difference in our world. With my nonprofit @natkindness , I have been able to impact children in a third world country by providing accessible education to underprivileged students. As your next...

Meeting the Students!

Meeting the Students!

Wow, what an amazing zoom call! Today I got to meet the children that attend the smart school and classroom we built in Sri Lanka. It was so amazing talking to the children and asking them about their new school experience! I was able to sing for them, talk to them...

Project Update!

Project Update!

Hey Yall! Here are a few pictures of the children that are starting to attend the school we built! It is so amazing to see children back in the classroom, getting the opportunity to gain education and learn!

Happy Halloween from Natural Kindness!

Happy Halloween from Natural Kindness!

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Halloween! As we are in the midst of our project, I wanted to share a few progressional pictures that we were sent! The progress that we have made is amazing, and I am so excited to see how the school is turning out!! I cant...

Recycling… Again! :)

Recycling… Again! 🙂

47 pounds of plastic and 28 pounds of glass later, we made $70 worth of proceeds for Natural Kindness! Huge thanks to my dad for all the help with sorting and driving me there, he’s the man behind the scene 😂! Another huge thank you to Andy Su, my amazing coach, and...

Recycle Run Fun!

Recycle Run Fun!

Another recycle day for Natural Kindness! Our first project is on the midst of being finished, and we are so excited to reveal to you all the final product. All the hard work and support we have been working on will finally pay off when we get to see the big smiles on...

Another News Article!!

Another News Article!!

Another news article for Natural Kindness on the “bro” Sinhala news provider! So happy to see all this media coverage on Natural Kindness!

School Banner!

School Banner!

Finally put up the banner in front of the school! It is all coming together and looking absolutely amazing!

Negombo News!!

Negombo News!!

We made it on the news once again! Only this time, Natural Kindness was featured on Negombo News (the main news form of the capital)! So thankful for this opportunity.. Stay Kind Always, Kylie 🤍